POLAR CuttingSystem PACE AJ

POLAR CuttingSystem PACE AJ

Cutting System with automated preparation of cutting material

When large sizes are produced, the ergonomic handling of materials needs to be seriously considered.

In POLAR's CuttingSystem PACE AJ the Autojog AJR-7S takes care of  automatically jogging many different materials reaching an output of up to 20,000 sheets per hour.

The jogged reams which now make even better blocks are taken by gripper-loading systems and transported onto the high-speed cutter’s rear table. Then POLAR Autoturn turning grippers automate the rotation of undivided reams on the machine's rear table. POLAR Autoturn enables five automatic cuts to be made to every ream without operator intervention. The effectiveness and flexibility of a two-operator system is obtained by a single operator.

The workflow: The cutting material is automatically jogged by Autojog AJR-7S. Gripper-loading systems pull it onto the high-speed cutter where it is moved and cut. After cutting is completed, the Transomat E unit automatically stacks the reams on pallets.

POLAR CuttingSystem PACE AJ
Components / Technical Data Large sizes
Paper size cm 105 x 145 126 x 164
Autojog Model: AJR-7S AJR-7S
Gripper loading system Type Autotrans and Autoturn
High-Speed Cutter Model: POLAR N 176 AT POLAR N 176 AT
Transomat E Type TRE 160-6 TRE 160-7S


Gripper loading system

Gripper loading systems

for the automatic loading of high-speed cutters directly onto the rear table.

High-Speed Cutter POLAR N 115 PRO HD

High-Speed Cutters

POLAR high-speed cutters are the key components in finishing.

Unloading with POLAR Transomat

Transomat E

When high-speed cutters need to be unloaded, Transomat units are a performance-enhancing alternative to stack lifts.

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