Interactive Training Program

Learn how to cut efficiently, with the interactive high-speed cutter training program set up by POLAR and the bvdm.


Interactive Training Program

The High-Speed Cutter – An interactive training program

This project has been conceived in a close co-operation between POLAR and the Bundesverband Druck und Medien bvdm (German printing federation).

Various lessons, exercises and a glossary inform you about the fundamental use and operation of high-speed cutters.

The training program is of particular interest for beginners in the field of cutting, for instance new machine operating staff, students, apprentices and trainees.

In an uncomplicated and very practical way the user is guided through various subjects, lesson by lesson:
Screenshot Interactive Training program

  • The high-speed cutter
  • Peripheral Units
  • Interlinking and
  • Formats of the material being cut.

Two blocks of exercises are included in which you can define cutting sequences or generate cutting programs. The glossary explains simple technical terms.

Click on the following link to get to the Interactive Training Program. We hope you enjoy the program and wish you every success! Interactive Training Program

Haciendo clic sobre el siguiente enlace, llegarás al programma didáctico interactivi. Esperamos que lo disfrutes y te deseamos mucho éxito en tus estudios. Programa didáctico interactivo

En cliquant sur le lien, vous accédez au didacticiel  interactif. Nous espérons que vous apprécierez ce programme et prendrez du plaisir à vous former. Didacticiel interactif

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