POLAR JoggingSystem AJR

POLAR JoggingSystem AJR

Jogging system for the fully automatic preparation of material

The AJR Jogging System automatically prepares cutting material off the high-speed cutter. A counting unit is integrated to allow the preparation of exact quantities for cutting. The individual reams to be cut are destacked on a pile, separated by chips.

The workflow: A transport gripper takes partial reams off the pallet stack and transfers them to the fanning unit. In the integrated automatic jogger the material to be cut is positioned with precisely aligned edges. Once the requested overall height of the ream is obtained the air removal is started. The optimized cutting ream is taken from the jogger and intermediately stored on the Transomat transport table, before pushers stack them automatically onto pallets.

Components Large-size
122 x 164 cm
Autojog Model: AJR-7S
Transomat Model: RSL 160-7S


Unloading with POLAR Transomat

Transomat E

When high-speed cutters need to be unloaded, Transomat units are a performance-enhancing alternative to stack lifts.

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