Mr. Hiroyuki Yamada, President of P’S network

P’S network is very successful in selling sales promotion materials via Internet.

Successful with POLAR PACE

P‘S network successful with POLAR PACE

P’S network, located in Shizuoka Japan, is not a usual printing house. They are very successful in selling sales promotion materials via Internet. Part of their success is the POLAR CuttingSystem PACE. This system is integrated into the digital workflow via Compucut® which streamlines their production.

P’S network is not selling printing, but sales promotion products via Internet. In 2003 Mr. Hiroyuki Yamada started from scratch with not much background in the printing industry. A short period as sales manager for a traditional printing house inspired him to set up his own company. Since then P’S network did rapidly grow and still does.

Mr. Hiroyuki Yamada, President of P’S network Mr. Hiroyuki Yamada, President of P’S network

When Yamada decided to run a print business himself, “Transparency in costs” was one of the most important factors for him to be successful in a tough Web-2-Print market. So he uses MIS with JDF-based workflow from the beginning of his company. Today a fleet of the state-of-art Heidelberg equipment from prepress, press to post-press is running within the Prinect workflow. This allows him to make business decisions every day. 

POLAR Compucut®

“Continuous transparency and workflow has led us to the next stage where you are able to manage the costs. For an example, we do not manually key in cutting positions to run our guillotine. We take prepress data to generate the cutting programs. This is done in a matter of seconds by POLAR Compucut®. Fast make-ready makes our costing very competitive”, says Yamada. 

POLAR CuttingSystem PACE

 The cutting system at P’S network is the highly-automated system named PACE (“Polar Automation for Cutting Efficiency”). The loading, turning and waste disposal processes are all automated. Interaction for both core components Autoturn and Autotrim permits automation of the first five cuts (four-side and separating cut).  While the cutting system carries out these cutting operations automatically, the operator is able to prepare the next ream in the automatic jogger. The system can therefore run continuously with only one operator.

Premises of P’S network with Mt. Fuji in the back Premises of P’S network with Mt. Fuji in the back

About P’S network

P’S network is located in the city of Shizuoka which is near the well known Mt. Fuji. Established by Mr. Hiroyuki Yamada in 2003 today the company engages 20 employees. As one of the most successful Web-2-Print companies they are focusing on the production original sales promotion products. Annual turnover is approximately 1 billion JPY (~ 10 Mio USD). The company is ISO12647-2 certified.


  • Heidelberg Prinect workflow
  • Heidelberg Prinect Gang Assistant
  • Speedmaster SM52
  • Speedmaster XL75
  • Dymatrix 106CSB
  • Varimatrix 105CS
  • POLAR CuttingSystem PACE 137
  • Compucut®

P’S network
Mr. Hiroyuki Yamada, president
3800-10, Obuchi
Fujinomiya City, Shizuoka 417-0081, Japan
Phone: +81 545 35-7300

August 07, 2014

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