POLAR Compucut®


generates cutting programs automatically from prepress data

For more than 25 years, Compucut® has allowed to generate cutting programs outside the high-speed cutter reducing the programming times at the machine to almost zero.

This considerably increases the productivity of the high-speed cutter even when very simple sheets are cut.
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The cutting data is supplied as ppf or jdf files, direct from the prepress stage. From these files Compucut® generates the corresponding cutting program, either manually or automatically, depending on the customer's specification.

To ensure the best possible program cycle, cutting programs are automatically optimized adding the required comments, additional functions and information for the user. Once the cutting program has been set up, it will be sent to the high-speed cutter via P-Net. The operator can see a graphics of the sheet and the corresponding handling.

This process visualization helps to minimize the proneness to errors in the cutting process significantly.

Implemented prepress connections:

  • Adobe - InDesign
  • Agfa - Apogee
  • Creo/Kodak - Pandora 2.0 Pro and Preps 4.2 Pro and higher
  • EskoArtwork - ArtPro
  • Efi - Matrix
  • Heidelberg - Prinect Signa Station, Version 6.1 and higher
  • Hewlett Packard - Direct2Finish Workflow (HP Smart Stream Production Pro Print Server)
  • Krause - Krause Imposition Manager
  • One Vision - Speedflow Impose, Version 4.0
  • Screen - Flatworker

Configuring with

2 Options to

  • Barcode

    Barcode - Enables automatic loading of the appropriate cutting program

    ESPV - External cutting program administration

    ESPV - External cutting program administration

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