Automatic cutter POLAR Autotrim M

Automatic cutter POLAR Autotrim M

cuts strips into labels fully automatically

Configure your POLAR Autotrim M automated cutter with performance-enhancing options tailored to your own requirements.

Programmable automated cutter POLAR 137 Autotrim M is first of all employed in label production where strips are cut to labels fully automatically. The basis is a POLAR N high-speed cutter with additional functions of "automatic cutting waste removal" for dispensing with waste paper from edge trim or intermediate cuts; the "mobile aligning station" for automatically removing cut labels across the front table of the machine to the right side.

Investing in the automatic POLAR cutting machine Autotrim M is attractive, because this variant has all the functions of the conventional high-speed cutter POLAR N and can therefore also be employed for any common cutting work.

Automatic Cutting Machine POLAR 137 Autotrim M
Cutting width (manual / automatic) 1370 / 1050 mm
Clamp opening, max. 120 mm
Label size, max. 1050 x 230 mm
Label size, min. 20 x 40 mm
Feed depth 1400 mm
Component for ..... LabelSystem SC-20

Configuring with

8 Options to

  • Automatic pressure regulation

    Automatic clamping pressure adjustment - Integrated sensors in the table ensure optimum clamping > higher cutting precision, longer knife service life

    Swivel backgauge

    Swivel backgauge - Easily ensures squareness by motorized backgauge adjustment

    Tilting backgauge

    Tilting backgauge - Easily corrects overcut / undercut by motorized backgauge adjustment

  • Clamp at deloading finger

    Clamp at deloading finger - Locks the label stacks while they are pushed into the banding unit BM-105 preventing labels from getting mixed up.


    Compucut® - Transfer of prepress data to generate cutting programs externally > reduces set-up time to almost zero


    AirKnife - Prevents statically charged cutting waste or plastic films from sticking on the knife

  • AntiStickKnife

    AntiStickKnife - Special coating that prevents the adhesion of glues. > This increases the productivity by up to 30%.

    Waste container

    Waste container

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