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Finishing of printed products

After printing comes finishing. Only here, in the bookbinder's, does a simple printed sheet become an elaborately finished product.

POLAR Compucut® software   Idle times due to machine setup times or errors in finishing are not just annoying, they also have an adverse effect on the balance sheet. Time pressures often push employees to their performance limits and sometimes negatively impact the production quality. Compucut® considerably increases the productivity of the high-speed cutter even when very simple sheets are cut.

POLAR has focused all of its expertise and the entire product range specifically on solution concepts for finishing printed products. The flexibility of the POLAR machines is revealed in the wide variety of options.

High-speed cutter POLAR N 115 PRO

Regardless of what you need to finish, you can process any material. In addition, the graphical process visualization significantly reduces the risk of errors during cutting.

POLAR offers the ideal solution for every requirement, from an ergonomic cutting system to a fully automated PACE system.

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