POLAR high-speed cutter

High-Speed Cutters

POLAR High-speed cutters for all sizes

POLAR high-speed cutters are the key components in finishing. With the current "N" generation, POLAR has developed a tool which comes up to all expectations due to the multitude of available features and options.

POLAR's high-speed cutter N is distinguished by the future-orientated platform for simple network integration and well-proven intuitive operator guidance: The so-called compact cutting machines, such as POLAR D 56, D 66, D 80 and POLAR D 115 benefit from these quality characteristics and high mechanical engineering standards. This applies to all criteria relevant to practical use.


DIN A-3 SR • 46 x 64 cm • 52 x 74 cm


63 x 88 cm to 75 x 105 cm


89 x 126 • 102 x 142 • 126 x 164 cm
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