Sheetfed offset printing

Relieving employees' workload and significantly improving quality.


Sheetfed offset printing

Processes and systems

The order structure and production methods in sheetfed offset printing have undergone a fundamental change: shorter production deadlines with lower print runs on the one hand, and increasingly powerful machines on the other mean greater efficiency is also required in the area of finishing. Ergonomic work stations and optimized process design can improve performance in final production of printed products up to three fold.

Existing, digital sheet data from prepress is imported via the POLAR software module Compucut® as a JDF file, for example, and processed to create complete cutting programs. The setup time (production downtime) on the high-speed cutter is reduced to practically zero. The creation of cutting programs off the high-speed cutter is economical even with small print runs as of 2,500 sheets.

For every type of business in sheet-fed offset printing, POLAR has configured individual systems, exactly tailored to the requirements in half-sheet format, medium format and large format. The "POLAR CuttingSystem 160" with manual components for loading, jogging and unloading already increases performance to 160 percent, compared with the solo high-speed cutter.

Cutting system POLAR CuttingSystem 160

If performance at the highest level is required, the "POLAR CuttingSystem PACE AJ" provides a cutting system with automated material preparation of up to 20,000 sheets per hour. Cutting Systems with jogging process

Not all printed products need to be jogged before cutting. POLAR also configures solutions for process optimization here in all format classes. POLAR system components for loading and unloading, and various gripper transport systems significantly increase cutting efficiency,  while at the same time reducing the operator's workload. Cutting Systems without jogging process

"A can is a can. It only becomes an unmistakeable item once it has a label on it." Individually designed labels transmit the product message directly to the buyer and are part of a successful marketing strategy.
POLAR LabelSystems for cut and die-cut labels are the technological answer to demanding challenges in the prospering label market.

Label system POLAR LabelSystem SC-21

POLAR configures economically attractive systems for small and medium print runs as well as for highly-automated inline systems for the industrial production of labels, such as tax stamps, business cards, can labels and much more. Depending on the order volume, upstream, separate jogging systems clearly increase cutting efficiency further. With POLAR solo or system die-cutters, labels retain their own unique geometric form thanks to the puncture principle. Identically constructed die-cutters that work with counterpressure, on the other hand, are suitable for special printed materials made of plastic.

The 11th machine generation of the POLAR high-speed cutter is also regarded worldwide as the core component in finishing. With the current "N" generation, POLAR has developed a tool that meets all requirements thanks to the wide variety of equipment features and options. POLAR N high-speed cutters are characterized in particular by the forward-looking platform for simple network integration and by the clearly intuitive user guidance.
POLAR high-speed cutters are available for all format ranges in the "PLUS" or "PRO" model and with cutting widths of 78 cm to 176 cm.

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