Compucut® ensures intelligent exchange of data between prepress and postpress


Intelligent exchange of data between prepress and postpress

For more than 30 years, Compucut® has generated cutting programs outside the high-speed cutter - totally eliminating the programming procedure at the machine.

The POLAR software Compucut® is available for PLUS models only in three different versions:

Compucut® GO is a simple solution to automatically transfer cutting data. Go runs directly on a flash drive with no need to be installed on a PC.  It is possible to process homogeneous shapes as well as gang runs. However, the sheets cannot be modified and there is no visual display. 

Compucut® CONTROL offers the software’s full functional scope, e.g. manual intervention. This means the data can be modified for further processing (folding, glue binding or saddle stitching). Chip-outs can be integrated or eliminated. The cutting programs are created “off­machine” on a single PC. Afterwards it is sent to the machine or the External Cutting Program Administration (ESPV) which can be accessed by each cutting machine integrated into the network.

Compucut® AUTO-CONTROL develops cutting programs completely automatically – with no manual intervention. Operating errors are fully eliminated. Just as Control it sends the finished cutting programs either directly to the machine or to ESPV.

Implemented prepress connections:

  • Adobe - InDesign
  • Agfa - Apogee
  • Creo/Kodak - Pandora 2.0 Pro und Preps 4.2 Pro and higher
  • EskoArtwork - ArtPro
  • Efi - Matrix
  • Heidelberg - Prinect Signa Station, Version 6.1 and higher
  • Hewlett Packard - Direct2Finish Workflow (HP Smart Stream Production Pro Print Server)
  • Krause - Krause Imposition Manager
  • One Vision - Speedflow Impose, Version 4.0
  • Screen - Flatworker

Configuring with

2 Options to

  • Barcode

    Barcode - Enables automatic loading of the appropriate cutting program

    ESPV - External cutting program administration

    ESPV - External cutting program administration

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