Paper trade and industry

Paper is a good. Incomparably good in variety and use.


Paper trade and industry

Cutting systems and components

Manufacturers are constantly creating new papers and cards with very special properties and uses. Paper merchants present their goods in artistic sample collections and deliver just-in-time.

POLAR CuttingSystem 200

It therefore might seem a little puristic to reduce paper to its length and width. But accurately cut paper measured exactly to the sheet is what customers expect from their merchant. POLAR cutting systems with process components for loading the high-speed cutter and unloading onto the pallet are designed precisely for this service and are used in more than 170 countries.

POLAR High-speed cutters for all sizes

Cutting Systems without jogging process

More and more printing companies expect the delivery of exact quantities of unwrapped paper from the paper trade. The POLAR PickStack 3 restacking station is the ideal machine for paper manufacturers and paper merchants. With this restacking station, unwrapped material can be picked automatically and in exact quantities.

POLAR Restacking Station PickStack 3

Either the quantity to be picked or the surplus quantity can be taken from the stack. When automatic operation is started, complete reams are taken from the stack, accurately aligned and placed on the pallet.

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