POLAR Print Finishing

POLAR products are designed to perform a growing number of tasks


The order structure and production methods in sheet-fed offset printing have undergone a fundamental change: shorter production deadlines with lower print runs on the one hand, and increasingly  >

sheetfed offset printing, © Zerbor / Fotolia

Nowhere in the printing sector is the choice of network-enabled components as decisive as in digital printing. Offset printers that want to set themselves apart from their rivals with personalized  >

offset print

In label printing, especially, the cycle times of the individual work steps often vary greatly. To effectively balance out these time differences, it makes sense to disconnect these processes with a  >


POLAR has focused all of its expertise and the entire product range specifically on solution concepts for finishing printed products.  >

Print finishing

Securities are given certain security features to protect against forgery. For example, other materials are applied on the surface or even within the product, perforations are punched, or the material  >

bank note

Manufacturers are constantly creating new papers and cards with very special properties and uses. Paper merchants present their goods in artistic sample collections and deliver just-in-time.  >

Paper trade and industry

Even the exterior design of the POLAR high-speed cutters exudes reliability, strength and robustness. High-speed cutters from POLAR are suitable for almost all materials that need to be cut flat.  >

Cutting of PVC with aPOLAR cutter
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