Cutting PVC with a POLAR cutter

The POLAR brand is known for sturdy cutting machines which cut all flat materials


Material cutters

Cutting machines and high-speed cutters

Even the exterior design of the POLAR high-speed cutters exudes reliability, strength and robustness. The large touchscreen indicates high ease of use for the program-aided cutting of all types of materials.

POLAR high-speed cutters are proving their effectiveness in the graphical industry in more than 170 countries worldwide, and that with an average life of more than 20 years.

cutting of different materials

Cutting of different materials

High-speed cutters from POLAR are suitable for almost all materials that need to be cut flat. For example: soft PVC, polyethylene, acetate film, plastic labels, Oblaten wafers, household foils, packing paper, aluminium foil, aluminium sheets, rubber, corrosion protection papers and photographic papers.

Of course, POLAR high-speed cutters (in the graphical industry also known as guillotine-type cutters or cutting machines) also cut leather, leather cardboard, plate filters, medical filters, carpet samples, felt, fleece, cork, bitumen, glass wool, fabrics, linen, woodenveneers or abrasives.

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