High-speed cutter POLAR N 92 PLUS

High-speed cutter POLAR N 92

With a model for price-sensitive investors

Configure your POLAR N 92 high-speed cutter with performance-enhancing options tailored to your own requirements.

POLAR N 92 high-speed cutters are employed for cutting semi-finished and finished half-size products made of paper, cardstock, paperboard, plastic foils etc.

In the graphics industry, high-speed cutters are also designated guillotine type cutters, paper cutters or simply cutters.

Even the standard equipment of this cutter model includes a wide range of features which allow to increase production by up to 20%.

Formats with diagonals up to 920 mm can be conveniently turned on the high-speed cutter.  When dealing with larger sizes the material can only be turned on the front table.

High-speed cutter N 92 PLUS:

The allrounder with 18.5“ color display and touch-screen operation. Suitable for all standard cutting jobs. Featuring automatic graphic programming to ensure a highly-automated process.

High-speed cutter N 92 PRO HD:

The programmable high performance model with a capacitive 21.5'' Touch-Screen display and real image preview for highend applications thanks to job specific programmable parameter, label and distortion correction as well as an extended range of options.

High-speed cutter POLAR N 92
Cutting width 920 mm
Feed depth 920 mm
Clamp opening max. 130 mm
Depth of front table 690 mm
Dimensions width x depth D 2030 mm  x  W 1770 mm
Component for ..... Half-size (SRA3 up to to 52 x 74 cm)

Configuring with

14 Options to

  • Compucut®

    Compucut® - Transfer of prepress data to generate cutting programs externally > reduces set-up time to almost zero


    Barcode - Enables automatic loading of the appropriate cutting program

    Process Visualization

    Process Visualization - Minimum proneness to errors through graphics that visually represent material handling.

  • Swivel backgauge

    Swivel backgauge - Easily ensures squareness by motorized backgauge adjustment

    Downholder in front of knife

    Downholder in front of knife - Prevents the cut products from getting mixed up and drifting away.

    False clamp plate

    False clamp plate, 40 mm (cutting width: 50 mm) - Smaller labels, such as business cards can be cut without any loss of quality

  • AntiStickKnife

    AntiStickKnife - Special coating that prevents the adhesion of glues. > This increases the productivity by up to 30%.

    Programmable clamping pressure adjustment

    Programmable clamping pressure adjustment - Correct clamping pressure can be programmed in addition to the cut size. > longer knife service life

    Infinitely variable knife speed of 100 - 50%

    Infinitely variable knife speed of 100 - 50% - To adjust the knife speed to different materials, such as plastic panels etc.

  • CutManager

    CutManager - Workflow-Integration allows to link up prepress and HD Postpress Manager for job and operating data

    Waste container

    Waste container

    HSS knife

    HSS knife

  • Carbide-tipped knife (premium)

    Carbide-tipped knife (premium)

    Guillo-Crease – Unique creasing system

    Guillo-Crease - Unique creasing system that transforms your cutter quickly and easily into a creasing machine

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