The two CEOs Roger Brogle (left) and Thomas Obrist

In September Brogle Druck AG in Gipf-Oberfrick started operation of the first machine in Switzerland.

Brogle Druck AG now using POLAR's Digicut

In September Brogle Druck AG in Gipf-Oberfrick started operation of the first machine in Switzerland. The Digicut is ideal for the digital strategy on which Brogle Druck AG has embarked.

The first Digicut laser cutter in Switzerland started production in September. The company, based in Gipf-Oberfrick, is a classic printing company and to date has mainly focused on sheet-fed offset in the formats 37 x 52 and 53 x 75 cm.

Last year Brogle Druck AG invested in a Screen Truepress Jet SX sheet inkjet system and finalized its transition to high-end digital printing. However, Brogle Druck AG did not have the suitable tools to continue digital production in postpress.

Looking for the right tools

Both CEOs Roger Brogle and Thomas Obrist kept an eye open for a cutting plotter.  They wanted to use it to cut, groove and perforate printing advertising material for the POS as well as packaging samples for single production and very small series: "We are receiving an increasing number of inquiries from our customers for such products," commented Roger Brogle.

The two CEOs Roger Brogle (left) and Thomas Obrist The two CEOs Roger Brogle (left) and Thomas Obrist Roger Brogle and Thomas Obrist quickly dropped the idea of buying a cutting plotter when they heard about the Digicut laser cutter. They realized immediately that they had found the solution they had been looking for, as the POLAR Digicut can do much more than a plotter.  Apart from cutting, grooving and perforating, the machine can also engrave.The operations of the contact-free laser cutting technology have been extended by fine drawings which are not possible on a plotter.  And what about burn marks? "Minimal," replies Roger Brogle, adding that he is able to finely control the laser power and the edges generally remain clean.

An autonomous production system

With its investment in digital printing technology and the POLAR Digicut laser cutter, the company is now setting up a new mainstay alongside business with sheet-fed offset printing.  Roger Brogle is of the opinion that sheet-fed offset printing will retain its importance in the foreseeable future.  However, with the inkjet printing system and the Digicut laser cutter he can see potential areas of development for the company, especially as Brogle Druck AG is the only company in the region with these new services.

In particular he appreciates the fact that the laser cutter cannot only be used for finishing, but that it is also an independent production system, as working with the Digicut does not depend on an upstream printing process.He can also use the laser cutter as an autonomous machine with white and colored paper and work with other materials which he can freely shape and transform, he added. "This is the special attraction of the Digicut," Roger Brogle concludes.

Hofheim, 15 December 2015

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