POLAR BSduo two-up banding device

BSduo two-up banding device

for automatically banding square-cut label stacks

POLAR's BSduo two-up banding device is a component meant for automatically banding square-cut label stacks within POLAR LabelSystem SC-25. In the production workflow it is positioned next to the automatic cutter Autocut 25.

The two label stacks are placed side by side. Via a swivel unit they are transfered to the feeder of the two-up banding device where they are separated.

The pusher takes the products to an intermediate stop, then moves them through the banding material and into the banding unit where they are welded.

Two-up banding device, type.. BSduo
Label size, max. 50 x 120
Label size, min. 14 x 40 mm
Clamp opening, max. 100 mm
Clamp opening, min. 25 mm
Component for ..... LabelSystem SC-25

Configuring with

3 Options to

  • Measuring station

    Measuring station - Verifies if label stacks are true to size and automatically rejects non-format products.

    Measuring station

    Inkjet printhead - Allows to print a production number etc. on the banderole.

    Two-up banding

    Two-up banding - Banding the label stack twice increases stability.

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