Cutter POLAR D 80 ECO

Cutting machine POLAR D 80

Top-of-the-range model with a cutting width of 80 cm

Configure your POLAR D 80 cutter with performance-enhancing options tailored to your own requirements.

POLAR cutting machines (in the graphics industry also known as guillotine or paper cutter) are durable, programmable cutters with hydraulic drive units.

Both, the company and the operator value not only the uncomplicated operation, but also the long service life of the cutting machine. The unique cutting precision is obtained by a sturdy construction and direct measurement system.

Cutting machine D 80 PLUS:

Operation via 18.5" touch-screen display. There are 1,998 memory positions available for repeat cut sequences. The process visualization gives the operator a graphic indication of the material handling. This minimizes the proneness to errors considerably.
Optionally, the machine can be integrated into the digital workflow via P-NET Compucut®.

Cutting Machine POLAR D 80
Cutting width 800 mm
Feed depth 800 mm
Clamp opening max. 100 mm
Component for ..... Paper size 460 × 640 mm

Configuring with

10 Options to

  • Compucut®

    Compucut® (PLUS only) - Transfer of prepress data to generate cutting programs externally > reduces set-up time to almost zero


    Barcode (PLUS only) - Enables automatic loading of the appropriate cutting program

    Waste container

    Waste container

  • POLAR 90° Knocking block

    90° Knocking block



    HSS knife

    HSS knife

  • Carbide-tipped knife (premium)

    Carbide-tipped knife (premium)


    AntiStickKnife - Special coating that prevents the adhesion of glues. > This increases the productivity by up to 30%.

    Prepared for delivery through door opening 80 cm wide

    Prepared for delivery through door opening 80 cm wide

  • Guillo-Crease – Unique creasing system

    Guillo-Crease - Unique creasing system that transforms your cutter quickly and easily into a creasing machine

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