Loading Assistance EasyLoad

Loading Assistance EasyLoad

for ergonomic and semi-automatic preparation of cutting material.

Instead of the operator having to lift and transport the material and bear its weight when the jogger is loaded, the EasyLoad with its gripper system does the heavy work.

This means considerably less strain on the operator. As the operator is actively involved in the process, he is able to intervene and therefore ensure a high cutting ream quality. In addition the system offers a high level of flexibility, as both left-hand and right-hand lay is possible. This loading assistance is particularly interesting for all customers who still employ manual jogging systems, as EasyLoad can be retrofitted to existing cutting systems.

Customer benefits

  • Ergonomically optimal solution for preparing jogged reams
  • Relieves the operator when loading the jogger because the material is transported by a gripper system
  • Complete process and thus the quality of the ream is controlled by the operator
  • High flexibility as both left- and right-hand lay guide is possible
  • Can be retrofitted to existing cutting systems

Half-size SRA3
up to
52 x 74 cm
up to
75 x 105 cm
up to
126 x 164 cm
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