Guillo-Crease creasing equipment

POLAR Mohr gets worldwide Guillo-Crease sales rights.

Exclusive sales

POLAR agrees exclusive sales with Guillo-Crease

German cutting machine producer POLAR Mohr gets worldwide Guillo-Crease sales rights. The patented product allows easy conversion of the cutting machine into a low-cost creasing machine. A magnetic creasing device is fastened to the clamp of the guillotine cutter.

Guillo-Crease is a revolutionary new creasing concept for customers who wish to crease all types and thickness of board. Within seconds, this patented product converts your guillotine cutter into a creasing machine. Setup of Guillo-Crease Setup of Guillo-Crease The operator simply attaches the creasing rule onto the guillotine clamp and replaces the cutting stick with a creasing stick. Thanks to the force of the clamping bar almost any material can be perfectly creased. The cutting machine has the advantage that positioning is very easy. As usual, the operator generates a cutting program and actuates the clamp. After each creasing process, the unit goes to the next position.

Collaboration between Guillo-Crease and POLAR

"This agreement with Guillo-Crease gives us a unique opportunity. We can now offer our cutting machine users an extra benefit," says POLAR's Managing Director Dr. Markus Rall about the new collaboration. "Currently, there is nothing comparable on the market. So if you don't want to spend several thousand euros on a creasing machine, you can get the same performance from Guillo-Crease for just a few hundred euros. Small businesses, in particular, are able to give their customers more added value. Moreover, the creasing equipment can be used with any guillotine cutter, whether old or new," continues Rall.

About Guillo-Crease

Guillo-Crease was invented in 2011 by the Scotsman Craig Collins. He hit on the idea at his work in a printing house. "On our creasing machine we could not properly process all our materials," says Collins, explaining what triggered his invention. And he goes on: "In my everyday work at the cutting machine I saw the potential of designing a complementary device for creasing and so making use of the guillotine cutter. Guillo-Crease creasing equipment Guillo-Crease creasing equipment Guillo-Crease allows the creasing of materials from 200 g/m² to 2,000 g/m² on the guillotine type cutter. For this purpose, four differently shaped cutting sticks are available. Once Collins had fully developed the product, he set up company especially for it in 2013.

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September 02, 2014

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