The solution for evaluation of cutting processes

The first intelligent knife for high-speed cutters is the result of a cooperation between the family Hagedorn and Polar as technology partners.
In addition to the evaluation of the cutting processes, the IntelliKnife solution also includes an integrated production data acquisition system (PDA).

Only a few components are necessary to provide all cutting-related data in the cloud: The IntelliKnife Box and an RFID reader as well as an intelligent knife equipped with an RFID chip.


  • Storage of all knife data (quality, grinding angle, number of grinding processes, etc) in the cloud
  • Browser-based manual collection of operating data such as malfunction, set-up and maintenance times
  • Logging of all knife movements
  • Secure machine-cloud data connection via the IntelliKnife-Box
  • Retrieval of all operating data and status messages via the IntelliKnife web interface
IntelliKnife is suitable for all Polar high-speed cutters of the E, ED, X and N series

Scope of delivery

  • IntelliKnife-Box
  • RFID Reader
  • Knife with integrated RFID chip
Customer benefits
  • Automatic acquisition of knife data
  • Extensive reports for evaluation options on cutting performance of knives and machines as well as malfunction, set-up and running times at any time.
  • Data from all cutting machines in one web interface
  • Individual machine and knife performance at a glance
  • Possible integration into in-house PDA and MES systems
  • Cost advantages through service life optimization
  • Increasing the machine output
  • Clear identification of the knives
  • Knife quality and condition can also be read in the knife box (optional hand scanner)
  • Increase the productivity of the high-speed cutter
  • Fast payback time
  • Registration and order via
  • Registration of all machines and operators in the web interface Installation of the necessary hardware by certified personnel
  • No software download necessary

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