Turning gripper POLAR Autoturn

Turning gripper POLAR Autoturn

automatically turns and aligns uncut reams on the rear table of the cutting machine.

The POLAR Autoturn turning gripper with automatic aligning gauge is the center of a PACE cutting system. A gripper system turns the ream on the rear table, either 90 or 180 degrees, to the right or left-hand side, before an automatic gauge positions the ream. The cut is released automatically.

While Autoturn is working in automatic operation the operator can do some other work, such as jog the material. A POLAR Autotrim high-speed cutter which removes the cutting waste is absolutely necessary for the fully-automatic, operator-free PACE cutting system.

SRA3 up to
52 x 74 cm
up to
75 x 105 cm
up to
126 x 164 cm
Component for
• high-speed cutter
POLAR N 137 POLAR N 155/200
• POLAR CuttingSystems

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