Polar Transomat for Loading

Transomat for Loading

automatically loads the high-speed cutter via the rear table

When high-speed cutters need to be loaded, Transomat units are a performance-enhancing alternative to stack lifts.

POLAR Transomat for Loading with chip marker option takes lifts off the stack in one go which are as high as the cutter's full clamp opening. The Transomat pusher or an optional gripper loading system transports the reams directly onto the rear table. (The advantage is that material flows won't cross each other).

Customer benefits

  • Increases the high-speed cutter efficiency by up to100%, because the next ream can be transported into the cutter while the present one is unloaded
  • Very easy to handle, no set-up times
  • Improves ergonomic conditions, because lifting heavy loads is no longer necessary

Transomat model Medium-size
up to 75 x 105 cm
up to 126 x 164 cm
Transomat for Loading TR 4 BL 150-5
Transomat for Loading TR 3 BL
Component for high-speed cutter POLAR N 137 POLAR N 155

Configuring with

2 Options to

  • Removal of chip markers

    Removal of chip markers - Cutting reams of precise sheet quantities are separated from the stack and taken to the transport table. Improved process stability.

    Counter gauge

    Counter gauge - Supports the material stack when reams are separated from the pile. Particularly well suited for materials which tend to fall over or easily slip away, such as smooth paper, cardstock, etc.

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