Multi-Station Bander POLAR BM-105M

Multi-Station Bander POLAR BM-105M

Multi-station bander POLAR BM-105M is a component for banding cut label stacks. It can be placed direct against any high-speed cutter.

The operator pushes the cut packs from the machine table of the high-speed cutter onto the loading table of a BM-105M and aligned against the gauge. The label rows are automatically separated before the pile pusher takes them and the row pusher moves them into the banding stations.

The completely banded packs are transported onto the delivery table from where they can be manually removed for packaging.

POLAR Multi-Station Bander, type BM-105M
Label size, max. 250 x 1050 mm
Label size, min. 35 x 43 mm
Clamp opening, max 125 mm
Clamp opening, min. 10 mm
Component for .....  LabelSystems

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