POLAR: Hot off the Press

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POLAR: Hot off the Press

The "Plus" model completes our Digicut family of Polar Mohr laser cutters. Digicut Plus fills the gap in our range of services and rounds off our portfolio in the medium-volume print run sector. >

Laser finishing at the Print & Digital convention

Laser cutter Digicut PLUS cannot only process single sheets but also entire booklets. >

Digicut PLUS lasers booklets “on-the-fly”

Gómez Aparicio, a Spanish printer and binder located in Madrid purchased a Polar 176 Plus with 2 lifts to replace an older machine in VLF size. This new POLAR cutting system consists of 2 new stack lifts on each side of the cutter, as well as the cutter N176 Plus. This new guillotine works 8 hours per day and is focused on trimming paper size in VLF format for the printing presses. >

POLAR Cutting System 120

bookfactory.ch has now introduced bar codes to optimize its production. The special feature of this bar code is, however, that it not only contains an encrypted ID, but also the individual format of each book. >

POLAR Compucut® GO

POLAR Compucut® GO is a simple automation solution in the field of cutting. It automatically converts the digital sheet layout into a cutting program which is then transferred to a POLAR cutting machine. This eliminates the programming time spent at the guillotine type cutter. Compucut® GO epitomizes “Plug and Cut”. >

POLAR Compucut® GO
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