Cart-o-Nator: Precise performance without loss of speed

Cart-o-Nator: Precise performance without loss of speed

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Carton remover from POLAR Mohr remains best system on the market

An inconspicuous component with a big impact: the patented "Cart-o-Nator" from the German cutting machine manufacturer POLAR Mohr, has been the most reliable tool on the market since its introduction over ten years ago.
POLAR Mohr develops various machines and systems for industrial label production. With its POLAR LabelSystems, the company from Hofheim near Frankfurt has enjoyed great success and is known in the industry as a premium manufacturer. Only last year, a world first was presented with the DC-12 RAPID. The patented carton remover, on the other hand, is a proven classic in POLAR machines. Now known as the "Cart-o-nator", the additional option is also installed today in the                 
DC-11 and the DC-12 PLUS.
Precise performance without loss of speed
The component is placed in the blank infeed between POLAR Autocut and the die cutter, its mode of operation is as simple as it is ingenious: when the labels are inserted into the machine, the cardboard lying under the pile is removed by the Cart-o-Nator. finely adjustable mechanism can be set extremely precisely for this purpose, a device disposes of the waste directly. Particularly useful is the additional option for bar banding, in which up to five stacks are folded together: the individual pieces of cardboard between the labels interfere with further processing. In addition, the waste from the die-cut labels is pure mono-material without cardboard - an important point when it comes to sustainability.
Compared to carton ejectors from other manufacturers, POLAR die cutters with built-in
Cart-o-Nator lose no speed and impress with consistent productivity.

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