The cutting machine manufacturer from Hofheim impresses with high quality and durability.

The cutting machine manufacturer from Hofheim impresses with high quality and durability.

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Guaranteed sustainability with POLAR pre-owned machines

The grü® media house is a pioneer when it comes to sustainability. New machines therefore mostly come from the second-hand market. With a POLAR N115 XT and a Transomat, processes are now accelerated and employees are relieved. The cutting machine manufacturer from Hofheim impresses with high quality and durability.
Sustainability has long since ceased to be just a modern "buzzword"; it is now a quality feature in all industries. The grü® media house in Germany recognized this several years ago: As one of the first in their region, the print shop with integrated publishing house is certified with the “Blue Angel” ecolabel. Print jobs are climate-neutral, and raw materials are also certified. In addition to the jobs, the equipment and machinery are of course also an important starting point for sustainability. For this reason, and of course also for cost reasons, new acquisitions mostly come from the second-hand market.

"The POLAR N115 XT has replaced an older and smaller POLAR cutting machine. We had been looking for a suitable used machine for a long time and since we don't often exchange our machines, this was a real highlight in May," says Carolin Heck, graphic designer at the media house. The reason for the new acquisition is, on one hand, the currently very strained paper market; cutting work is increasingly being carried out in-house at the media house due to a lack of suitable formats. A POLAR Transomat, which was also purchased second-hand, provides physical relief, which benefits a severely disabled employee in particular. The slightly higher front table also improves ergonomics. In short - the investment, which is not insignificant despite the used machine, is already showing its effect after just a few weeks. "Almost every job we do is done with the 115. The pre-cutting of paper formats is particularly important on the machine - but also various advertising materials such as flyers, business cards, posters, flyers, brochures and magazines," says Carolin Heck.

The fact that the decision fell on POLAR machines is no coincidence. The predecessor machine was convincing and so a specific search was made for a used model from the German manufacturer. "Our experience with POLAR has been consistently positive. We are very satisfied with the handling, the quality and the durability," confirms Heck. "The quality of our machines and the resulting longevity are central to our understanding of sustainability," says Hendrik Kneusels, Head of Sales and Marketing at POLAR. "Of course, we are also working on making our machines even more environmentally friendly, but ultimately the life cycle of a product is one of the most important parameters for its carbon footprint. The fact that a machine enriches a print shop after more than 15 years as a 'new addition' is remarkable." Machines from POLAR are "Made in Germany", with over 50% of the components being manufactured directly at the Hofheim plant itself. They are not only of high quality, but in most cases can be upgraded with new developments for decades to come. Software-based products such as CompuCut and IntelliKnife, for example, can be retrofitted to machines up to generations E/ED, X and N.
The POLAR Mohr Company
POLAR Mohr was founded in 1906 as "Adolf Mohr, Maschinenfabrik". Since then, the company has not only changed its product focus, but has also risen from a regional supplier to the global number one for high-speed cutters and the associated peripheral equipment for the graphic arts industry. POLAR develops efficient solutions in the field of print finishing and is positioned worldwide as a forward-looking technology company. The product range includes components and systems that network and automate all processes from loading, jogging, cutting and die cutting to unloading and banding.

June 2022

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