Presenting laser cutter Digicut at UV Days 2019

Presenting laser cutter Digicut at UV Days 2019

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Presenting laser cutter Digicut at UV Days 2019

POLAR's Digicut laser cutters are characterized by their economical finishing of small-, medium- and large-volume print runs. Polar's Digicut laser cutter provides a wide range of options for sophisticated and complex processing and finishing. It goes far beyond conventional die-cutters with its cutting, kiss-cutting, perforating, engraving and grooving and different processing steps can be combined into a single operation without any tool changes or extra costs.

David Stark and Klaus Roban from POLAR-Mohr will be presenting two laser cutters from the Digicut family at UV Days 2019, which will be held in Nürtingen from May 13 to 16. The laser specialists will be there to answer your questions and demonstrate all of the functions.
Digicut ECO L – for single jobs or small-volume print runs
Our Digicut ECO L provides a wide range of options for the creative processing of single sheets or several products simultaneously. It is also possible to process different materials: Paper, wood, acrylic, stone, textiles, plastics, mirrors and many more. The compact laser can even handle high-class or 3D products. Our Digicut ECO L can be put into operation in almost any room thanks to its internal filtering system and its safety features. Its simple operation and versatility make it a complete all-rounder.
During the UV Days trade fair, visitors will be able to convince themselves about the smallest member of the Digicut family and have their give-away personalized by IST Metz.
Digicut PRO – for large-volume runs
Laser processing using Digicut Pro is always "on-the-fly". This means that the sheets are transported through the laser's working area on a continuously-running conveyor belt, which means that there are no restrictions with regard to the length of the material being used. The innovative conveyor belt developed by Polar also stops residue from settling on the material.

The laser cell forms the core of Digicut Pro. A powerful CO² laser based on galvo technology (mirror system) is used here and it enables a much higher processing speed to be used as compared to an XY machine and this makes the finishing of larger runs much more economical. The vacuum ensures that the laser head does not become contaminated.

The material supply and delivery system is modular and it can be customized whenever necessary. The material is normally fed in via a conveyor belt, but the system can also be fitted with an optional feeder and delivery system. It is also possible to use an optional pick & place material delivery system.
The laser cutter for large-volume runs will be integrated in the printing room during UV Days and it will laser bookmarks onto the printed sheets previously produced by IST for the trade fair visitors.

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