Congraf, recently invested in a POLAR die-cutting Label System DC-11

Congraf increases productivity in the paper label section with a LabelSystem DC-11

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Packaging printer in Brazil, Congraf, recently invested in a POLAR die-cutting Label System DC-11

Congraf, a company dedicated to industrial packaging printing, located in Sao Paulo in Brazil, purchased a POLAR die-cutting system DC-11 to increase productivity in the paper label section. This new POLAR system consists of a loading table, an AC 25 stack cutter, a die punching unit DC and a single-headed banding unit BD. The system works in connection with a POLAR 137 to pre-cut the strips of labels.
Congraf is a packaging printer with 40-inch offset printing presses. The company is located in a 15.000 m² industrial building in the south of Sao Paulo producing in three shifts six days a week.

Since the machine start-up, performance has increased in terms of speed, quantities, and cutting quality and precision.
The transition from manual die-cutting processes to automation with DC-11 has allowed the productivity to improve by double digits, especially in the product segment of beer labels.

An essential component of the POLAR System DC-11 is the automatic cutting machine POLAR Autocut 25 (AC 25). A pusher device on the loading table feeds the automatic cutter with pre-cut label strips. The AC 25 cuts them into label stacks. Subsequently, a swivel unit transfers the stacks to the feeder of the die punching unit DC. After die-cutting the label stacks, a pusher automatically transports the processed labels to the single-headed banding unit BD. Because the single-headed bander uses ultrasonic technology, preheating is not necessary. The ultrasonic welding unit also prevents annoyance caused by a bad smell. This workflow offers an excellent performance of up to 960 bundles per 60 minutes.


The company was founded in 1972 by Mr. Sidney Anversa at age 24. His sons work in the company assuring the continuation with the second generation. Its clear focus on quality and innovation has allowed them to lead among their segment.
Direct participation of customers in the design process of the products helped writing Congraf's success story.
The company started with packaging printing in the year 2002 totalizing nowadays 160 employees total headcount.
The areas where the company deploys its activity is mainly Brazil but also extends its influences to Uruguay, Paraguay, and Colombia.

September 2019

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