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Galledia Copydruck once again invests in proven cutting technology

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Galledia Print AG: Polar replaces Polar

Galledia Print AG has invested in a new high-speed cutter for the digital printing center Galledia Copydruck (Altstätten, Switzerland). After 36 years of working on a Polar 115 EMC-MON AT, the company has once again opted for a Polar cutter.

"We were always satisfied with the cutter and stuck with a technology that has proven itself over more than three and a half decades," says Thomas Loher. He heads the business of Galledia Copydruck. The new cutter is a Polar N 115 with graphically supported programming on the color 18.5-inch touch screen.

Galledia Copydruck produces brochures, advertising material, customer magazines, dissertations, and other print products in short runs on two digital printing systems. A 700-millimeter format can be printed on one system. Poster printing on an LFP inkjet printer is also possible. A maximum cutting width of 1150 millimeters allows long banner formats and posters to be processed on the Polar N 115. Several customers want a water-resistant, synthetic material for their jobs. This plastic is processed with grammages of 135, 230, 300, and 400 grams per square meter. The comparatively tough material puts the cutting machine to the test, as Thomas Loher says. The very robustly built Polar N 115 masters the task very well.

The Polar 115 series is available in four model variants: Polar N 115, Polar N 115 Plus, Polar N 115 PRO HD, and Polar N 115 AT HD. The four variants differ mainly in the degree of automation and the range of functions. According to Polar-Mohr, the 115 model is the world's best-selling high-speed cutter in its format class with approximately 35,000 machines.

Source: Viscomedia | 28.09.2020 | viscomedia.ch

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